Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Long Silence = Whirlwind Fall

So a wise woman, and former teacher, reminded me that I'd be busy this fall with teaching...And I thought, surely not! I'm pinch-hitting a course this fall but was given the syllabus, book, and powerpoint dummies (and they were seriously dummies). I thought it would be easy-pleasy. But OH MAN. Prepping 2 weekly 75 minute lectures (and reading and grading and test making) is very different than teaching the upper-level discussion/seminar-based courses I've been used to...Egads.

So yes - a long silence on my end. However, I did have time for a guest blog over at Green Tulsa. I talked about trying to steal little bits of time for myself whenever and however I can and then to use them mindfully...very a propos right about now.

More on gardening, living, and eco-psychology coming as soon as I can take a deep breath...