Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's Earth Day: Do you know what your impact is?

Hello on this lovely earth day!

Last year I started observing Earth Day Lent. A few others joined me and it was a lot of fun. I gave up two vices - Diet Coke and meat - for 40 days. In the year following, moving back to OK and back in with my fiance-of-love has upped my meat consumption (I could eat it once or twice a month and be fine, but right now we're at 3 times a week or so plus our leftovers). Diet Coke is back in full force (1 can/day), although I could probably see myself ditching it after my upcoming licensure test and it's twin sister in brutality, an oral exam, in June.

This year I'm going to try walking or biking to work everyday, barring a downpour or tornadic weather. Other things could include:

  • Sign up for wind power
  • Buy or make eco-friendly cleaners
  • Convert all (or some) of your light bulbs to compact fluorescents
  • Start recycling if you don't already. See if you can recycle more.
  • Commit to carpool, walk, bike, etc.
  • Give up a nasty corporate habit (like Diet Coke! or fast food!)
  • Avoid packaging that can't be recycled
  • Take the 100 mile food challenge
  • Etc!
I'm linking to this post because it captures how I feel about the past few years in my life. And I freakin' love the picture of the green globe!

Have a great Earth Day!

And here's a link to calculate your ecological footprint!


Anonymous said...

I pledge to not eat cows, pigs, chickens, or turkeys :).


Lewru said...

Um. Is that something new?