Thursday, September 11, 2008

August Eats Stash

  • August 23 - yellow tomato salsa; sandwich toppings; roasted peppers
  • August 21 - mixed beans with herbs
  • August 19 - baked potato toppings; sandwich fillings
  • August 18 - jalapeno poppers; lamb's quarters, peppers, onions, tomato stiry fry
  • August 15 - veggie burger fixings; additions to chicken stock
  • August 10 - salsa; 14 frozen batches of pesto; Island Stew
  • August 9 - veggie burger fixings; Spicy Marinara with fresh herbs and angel hair pasta
  • August 8 - Dixie Special (yellow squash, (turkey) bacon, onions, tomatoes, peppers)
  • August 7 - grilled chicken with pickled okra, habanero pickles, and cherry tomatoes
  • August 6 - 9 1/2 pints peach and blueberry jam (didn't grow, but proud I tried!)
  • August 5 - veggie burger fixings
  • August 4 - green beans and onions
  • August 3 - tomato salad with fresh herbs and balsamic vinegar
  • August 2 - jambalaya!!!; homemade tabasco sauce


anajz said...

Was it difficult to return home?

Hausfrau said...

What's this? I can't wait to see pictures of your trip!

We want pics!
We want pics!


Tony said...

You need RECIPES! You're just being a tease by putting what you made/ate up. I recommend You can make a food blog and post recipes (With pictures) and share ideas on food. In fact Jamie's newest show is based on him going into his amazing garden and just making amazing shit.

Lewru said...

Yes, Anajz - it was brutal! Plus with the Gustave-Ike-fest, it felt like Oklahoma had turned in Manchester! Add in serious jet-lag and I was not a happy camper!

Hausfrau - all I had to do was cut and paste my usual end of the month garden food report. Very easy! I'll work on the pics - not so easy. Currently seriously overwhelmed with work and lack of sleep.

Tony - see above! I post occasional recipes, but I don't usually use them and don't think people will typically be interested in eating what I do. See anything in particular you'd like a recipe for, you let me know. :)