Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I state my case in a graphical way

Wednesday harvest, June 25

Tuesday harvest, July 1

The backyard explodacon...all of the squash your trained eye can squint on these pages is part of a new one world order of squash. It springs huge and monstrous from your compost pile. It takes over the backyard. It produces tons of tasty butternut squash. If you question it, it makes you get a switch. If you cut it, it will deport you. One. World. Order.

RIP broccoli


Bee said...

Wow, your garden is gorgeous! And look at all the harvested goods. Fantastic!

Hausfrau said...

Beautiful! Are you preserving stuff or eating everything now?

Lewru said...

Everything in those pictures but the beans and the Amish paste tomato has been eaten so far. I'm trying to figure out how to preserve the beans. I think I may blanch and freeze them until I have enough to make canning worthwhile. I also plan to make a big batch of salsa for the 4th! Woohoo!

anajz said...

Everything looks so lovely!