Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Two night ago was the first time I found myself jumping up and down and screaming in my living room in quite some time (well since OU played last year...). I get somewhat turned off by the melodrama that goes into enormous sporting events, but watching the athletes themselves is such a pleasure. Especially when you get this:

Frickin' awesome

Last night lovie and I marveled at the absolutely outrageous Chinese gymnastics team. Those dudes nailed their landings, you could see shock waves rippling through their backs before they stood up. Good god.

And Jonathan Horton is like a bullet with magnetic feet.

He may be from Houston, but he goes to THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA!!!!

Diving or Jumping?

I can do without the Morgan Freeman schlock, but this stuff is sweet.


Tara said...

I totally agree - we've been watching every evening. Just amazing stuff. I do have to admit, though, I'm already suffering from some Michael Phelps burnout. He seems to be the Lance Armstrong of swimming.

Lewru said...

Hopefully minus the dubious blood enhancers...

Hausfrau said...

There was a human interest story on one female athlete. They showed her going to the Farmer's Market, using her cloth bags, and then going home to harvest her freshly grown herbs to make a meal for her friends. The human interest angle worked on me! I definitely want HER to win!