Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What we've been eating and solar oven news

We've been lucky enough to be able to eat from the garden for a while now. The broccoli was ready around March 6th and we've been enjoying it regularly until most of it quit a few days ago (the younger plants are starting now). We've also had spinach by the mound - almost too much spinach! - for weeks now. Also kale, mesclun mix, and last year's onions that sprouted in the fall, too, as well as carrots, Asian greens, a couple of leftover kohlrabi, and garlic scapes. Lots to eat and enjoy!

Luckily, the ridiculous, crazy, out-of-control compost gift butternut squash, or the Lewru Special, as my friend Frau calls it, produced 17 squash on one vine last year! NUTS! So we've been slowly working our way through that. It stores really well! I was surprised, actually. Here it is almost a year and I've got one left that looks to be in great condition.

It has been trickier than you might to think to use up 16 butternut squash when you have a husband who doesn't think vegetables should be sweet. I've had to dress it up with sauces and disguise it in frittatas and mash it into chili and cakes and such. I think my habanero cream sauce was a hit, and the savory pumpkin quiche (which could just as easily have been butternut squash) went over well, too. I definitely got creative with the vegetable!

My inaugural run of the sun oven resulted in a beautifully sunkissed butternut squash. Then last weekend I baked that into two loaves of butternut squash bread which turned out magnificently! All in all, it's been a nice time to eat from the garden...still looking forward to tomatoes and peppers, though!!


Tricia said...

Sounds excellent! I wish I had your problem of too much spinach! My greens are barely producing...maybe it's those elm seedlings! For what it's worth, I've had good luck freezing cooked spinach.

Meryl said...

Wow, that sun oven looks really cool!

Last year at our county fair, the person who won the salsa contest made zucchini salsa. It was SO good, and I bet you could make it with a butternut squash as well. There recipe is here (on page 7):

Anonymous said...

You are my new anonymous best friend. I enjoyed reading your blog for your humor, and found yer pics to be super helpful to my identification of garden pests quest. solomon_traci@hotmail

Lewru said...

Thank you, new anonymous best friend!